G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary
Hasbro, Summer 2007 - ???

Individually Carded Action Figures

Basic Figures Wave 1
__ Cobra Commander
__ Cobra Officer
__ Flint
__ Snake Eyes with Timber (black)
__ Snake Eyes with Timber (white)
__ Storm Shadow

Basic Figures Wave 2
__ Beachhead
__ Buzzer
__ Cobra Trooper
__ Lady Jaye
__ Serpentor

Basic Figures Wave 3
__ Cobra Red Ninja
__ Firefly
__ Sgt. Stalker (yellow)
__ Sgt. Stalker (green)
__ Shipwreck (shark tattoo)
__ Shipwreck (anchor tattoo)
__ Zartan

Basic Figures Wave 4
Individually carded figures which originally appeared in 2007 multi-packs
__ Cobra Commander (Battle Helmet)
__ Cobra Air Trooper
__ Destro
__ Duke
__ Gung Ho
__ Roadblock
__ Scarlett
__ Storm Shadow (Cobra)

Basic Figures Wave 5
__ Crimson Guard
__ Destro (Blade)
__ Snow Job
__ Sgt. Flash
__ Snake Eyes (Black)

Basic Figures Wave 6
__ Cobra Commander (Armored)
__ Rock n' Roll
__ Torpedo

Basic Figures Wave 7
__ Cobra HISS Driver
__ Cobra Viper
__ Duke with Jet Pack
__ Snake Eyes with Butterfly Knife
__ Spirit Iron Knife
__ Wild Bill

Basic Figures Wave 8
__ Baroness
__ Cobra Commander
__ Major Bludd
__ Python Patrol Cobra Officer
__ Roadblock (City Assault)
__ Snake Eyes (parka)
__ Tiger Force Flint

Basic Figures Wave 9
__ Barbeque
__ Bazooka
__ Cobra BAT
__ Cobra Snow Serpent
__ Hawk
__ Storm Shadow Black

Basic Figures Wave 10
__ Cobra Bazooka Trooper
__ Croc Master
__ Cobra Para-Vipers
__ Duke (Tiger Force)
__ Mercenary Wraith (Clear Blue)
__ Mercenary Wraith (Silver)
__ Mutt & Junkyard

Basic Figures Wave 11
__ Cobra Eel
__ Flint in Cobra gear
__ Scarlett (Pilot)
__ Sgt. Airborne
__ Specialist Trakker
__ Zartan (Swamp)

Basic Figures Wave 12
__ Cobra Diver
__ Cobra Trooper
__ Crimson Guard (Python Patrol)
__ Ninja Viper
__ Ripper
__ Tripwire

Basic Figures Wave 13
__ Blowtorch
__ Cobra Commander (Resolute)
__ Cobra Trooper (Resolute)
__ Duke (Resolute)
__ Firefly (Blue)
__ Torch

Hall of Heroes (Premium Packaging, Gold Foil)
__ Beachhead
__ Cobra B.A.T.
__ Crimson Guard
__ Firefly
__ Flint
__ Snake Eyes
__ Snake Eyes with Timber (white)
__ Storm Shadow
__ Viper
__ Zartan

Exclusive and Mail-In Figures
__ Cobra Commander (Comic-Con 2008, Black Blazer)
__ Cobra Commander (Comic-Con 2008, Blue Blazer)
__ Destro (Comic-Con 2007, Gold Head)
__ Destro (Comic-Con 2007, Silver Head)
__ Doc (Comic Pack Mail-In Offer, 2008)
__ Sgt. Slaughter (Comic-Con 2010, Original Deco with Belt)
__ Sgt. Slaughter (Comic-Con 2010, Triple T Deco)

Upcoming Exclusive and Mail-In Figures
__ Dial-Tone (Club Exclusive 2010)

Additional Items

Comic Pack Figures
__ Ace & Wild Weasel
__ Beachhead & Dataframe
__ Breaker & Destro (Marvel deco)
__ Cobra Commander & Duke (Marvel deco)
__ Cobra Commander & Gung Ho
__ Cobra Officer (Scarred) & Crimson Guard (Removable Helmet)
__ Deep Six & Rock & Roll
__ Destro (black mask) & Iron Grenadier
__ Destro (gold mask) & Iron Grenadier
__ Duke & Red Star
__ Falcon & Nemesis Immortal
__ Firefly & Storm Shadow
__ Hard Master & Snake Eyes
__ Iron Grenadier & Cobra Viper
__ Ripper & Torch
__ Scarlett & G.I. Joe Hawk (Marvel deco)
__ Shipwreck & Copperhead
__ Shockblast & Destro
__ Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (Marvel deco)
__ Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (Battle Damage)
__ Tomax & Xamot
__ Tripwire & Cobra Commander
__ Tunnel Rat & Storm Shadow
__ Wild Bill & Scrap Iron

Figure 5-Packs with Sound Boxes
__ Cobra Battle Pack (Cobra Trooper, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, Baroness)
__ Cobra Battle Pack (Zartan, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Viper, Baroness)
__ Cobra Legions (Cobra Air Trooper, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Stinger Driver, Cobra Trooper Comic Pack Deco)
__ G.I. Joe Battle Pack (Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Gungo Ho)
__ G.I. Joe Battle Pack (General Hawk, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Flint)
__ G.I. Joe Resolute Battle Pack (Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper, B.A.T., Cobra Officer, Duke)
__ Iron Grenadier Command Pack (Iron Grenadier Officer, Iron Grenadier Trooper, Destro)

Other Figure Packs

Toys "R" Us Exclusive Figure 5-Packs
__ Cobra Night Force Pack (Toys "R" Us Exclusive, 4 Night Force Cobra Troopers, 1 Officer)
__ Crimson Guard (Toys "R" Us Exclusive, 4 Crimson Guard Troopers, 1 Crimson Guard Squad Leader)
__ Firefly vs. G.I. Joe Troopers (Toys "R" Us Exclusive, 4 G.I. Joe Troopers, Firefly)
__ Snake Eyes & Red Ninjas Pack (Toys "R" Us Exclusive, Snake Eyes, Red Ninja Leader, 3 Red Ninjas)

Toys "R" Us Exclusive Leadership and Command Exclusive Figure 3-Packs
__ Cobra Infantry Command Pack (Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer, Cobra Trooper)
__ Crimson Guard Command Pack (Crimson Guard, Cobra Commander, Crimson Guard Officer)
__ G.I. Joe Air Command Pack (Capt. Ace, Wild Bill, Skyduster)
__ G.I. Joe Leadership Team Pack (Hawk, Grunt, Duke)
__ G.I. Joe Sea Command Pack (Deep Six, Lt. Torpedo, Cutter)

Internet Exclusive Figure Sets
__ Assault on Cobra Island (Spc. Altitude, Wet-Suit, Zap, Recondo, Outback, Chuckles, Hit & Run)
__ Cobra Arctic Assault Squad (2 Cobra Vipers, Snow Serpent Officer, Snow Serpent Commander, Scrap Iron, Tele-Viper)
__ Cobra Desert Assault Squad (2 Crimson Guards, 3 Cobra Troopers, Cobra Officer, Major Bludd)
__ Defense of Cobra Island (Dr. Mindbender, Lamprey, B.A.T., Range Viper, Alley Viper, Air-Viper, Night Creeper, purple vines)
__ Resolute Cobra (Cobra Commander, Zartan, Firefly, Storm Shadow, Destro, Baroness, Cobra Trooper)
__ Resolute G.I. Joe (Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Duke, Flint, Beach Head, Roadblock, Stalker)

__ A.W.E. Striker with Leatherneck
__ Arctic H.I.S.S. Tank with H.I.S.S. Driver
__ F.A.N.G. with Cobra Pilot and C.L.A.W. with Cobra Viper
__ Firebat with AVAC
__ FLAK with Outback vs. C.L.A.W. with Air Viper Commando
__ Ghost Hawk with Lift Ticket
__ H.I.S.S. Tank with H.I.S.S. Driver Commander
__ Ram with Breaker vs Trouble Bubble with Tele-Viper
__ Serpentor's Chariot with Serpentor vs. Armadillo Tank with Steeler
__ SHARC Tooth with Deep Six
__ Sting Raider with Copperhead (Python Patrol)
__ Stinger with Stinger Driver
__ VAMP with Clutch

Exclusive Vehicles and Vehicle Sets
__ A.W.E. Striker with Crank Case (Target Exclusive)
__ Cobra H.I.S.S. with Driver (Target Exclusive)
__ Cobra Rattler with Wild Weasel (Target Exclusive)
__ Conquest X-30 with Slip Stream (Target Exclusive)
__ Night Spectre with Grand Slam (Target Exclusive)
__ Python Patrol Conquest X-30 with Python Patrol Viper (Target Exclusive)
__ Tiger Rat with Wild Bill (Target Exclusive)
__ Ultimate Battle Pack with MOBAT, Cobra Flight Pod, Red Cobra H.I.S.S., Cobra Commander, H.I.S.S. Driver, Cobra Vehicle Gunner, Destro, Steeler, Short-Fuze, Sgt. Stalker

DVD Pack Figures
__ #1: MASS Device: Snake Eyes, Cobra Trooper, Stalker, and Cobra
__ #2: Revenge of Cobra: Weather Dominator with Lady Jaye, Destro, and Roadblock
__ #3: Arise, Serpentor, Arise: Dusty, B.A.T., Serpentor, Montezuma
__ #4: Pyramids of Darkness: Snake Eyes, Major Bludd, Cobra Commander, Quick Kick
__ #5: Best of the 1980s: Duke, Alpine, Cobra Commander with F.A.N.G., Cobra Paratrooper, News Gear
__ Greatest Battles (Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow)

G.I. Joe Convention 2009 Figures and Vehicles
__ Blades and SAF Copter
__ Comandos Helicoptero
__ Crimson Command Copter
__ Crimson Strike Team (Baroness, 2 Crimson Twins, 13 Crimson Vipers)
__ International Team (Topson, Shimik, Redmack)
__ JUMP Jet 2 Pack (Sgt. Manleh, Starduster)

G.I. Joe Club 2010 Figures and Vehicles
__ Adventure Team Air Adventurer with Helicopter
__ Adventure Team Commander with Dr. Venom and Giant Man-Eating Plant
__ Adventure Team Land Adventurer with 6-Wheel ATV

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