Xevoz Power Glyphs
Hasbro, 2004-2005

Neo Sapiens

__ NS-01 Head: Laser Sight
__ NS-02 Chest: Heart of Valor
__ NS-03 Forearm: Power Gauntlet
__ NS-04 Foot: Steel Toe
__ NS-05 Knife: Pulse Cannon
__ NS-06 Knee Pad: Knee Jab
__ NS-07 Knife: Bayonet
__ NS-08 Head: Hypno-Trance
__ NS-09 Chest: Warrior's Spirit
__ NS-10 Head: Iron Fist
__ NS-11 Foot: Blinding Kick
__ NS-12 Sword: Molecule Blade

Note: Both NS-14 glyphs are included with the Shadow Blade. There is no known NS-13..
__ NS-14 Dagger: Blade Block
__ NS-14 Nunchaku: Spinning Strike
__ NS-15 Rifle: Suppressor
__ NS-16 Backpack: V-TOL
__ NS-17 Head: Headbanger
__ NS-18 Chestplate: Blast Armor
__ NS-19 Foot: Thunder Kick
__ NS-20 Chestplate: Missile Pod
__ NS-21 Head: Targeting Sight
__ NS-22 Stick: Slap Stick
__ NS-23 Leg: Turbo Kick
__ NS-24 Arm Guard: Photon Shield
__ NS-25 Target: Missile Lock
__ NS-26 Blaster: Hyper Chisel
__ NS-27 Paper: Kick Me!
__ NS-28 Lasso: Texas Swing
__ NS-29 Head: Sharp Shot
__ NS-30 Chest: Strongheart
__ NS-31 Foot: Cactus Kicker
__ NS-32 Coat: Bulletproof
__ NS-33 Blaster: Ten Shooter
__ NS-34 Helmet: Night Vision
__ NS-35 Blaster: Hex Pistol
__ NS-36 Sawblade: Buzz Kill
__ NS-37 Foot: Steel Toe
__ NS-38 Head: Rebel Yell
__ NS-39 Arm Guard: Metal Warrior
__ NS-40 Chest: Berserker Rage
__ NS-41 Forearm: Thunder Metal
__ NS-50 Chest: Super Stamina
__ NS-51 Energy: Proto-Pulsion
__ NS-52 Barbell: Strongarm
__ NS-53 Drain: Meteorite
__ NS-54 Hand: Photon Punch
__ NS-55 Cape: Anti-Grav
__ NS-56 Head: Atomo Vision

Note: these items have the same numbers as other glyphs but are different items and are included with Sky Grinder.
__ NS-21 Backpack: Afterburner
__ NS-22 Forearm: Elbow Smash
__ NS-23 Sword: Cable Slicer
__ NS-24 Skate: Rail Grinder
__ NS-25 Board: Grand Skater
__ NS-26 Head: Clown Prince
__ NS-27 Missile: Heat Seaker
__ NS-28 Shin: Jump Boots

Neo Sapiens Notes
Neo Sapiens Glyphs are molded in blue plastic and have a head emblem on the left hand side. It also looks vaguely like a chunky pencil.
For some reason, Neo Sapiens glyphs are numbered with an overlap-- there are two each of NS-21 through NS-28. The sets that overlap are the Shield Breaker and Sky Grinder. It is possible this is an error to be corrected by Hasbro later. Sky Grinder interrupts the numbering pattern as far as we can tell. There is no known significance behind the duplicate numbering system.
NS-01 through NS-07 are included with Alpha Ranger. NS-08 through NS-14 are included with the Shadow Blade, no NS-13 is available. NS-15 through NS-19 belong to the Omega Guard. NS-20 through NS-26 are included with Shield Breaker. NS-27 through NS-33 are included with Quick Slinger. The second batch of NS-21 through NS-28 come with Sky Grinder. NS-34 through NS-41 come with the Street Punk. NS-50 through NS-56 were included with the Hyper Guardian.


__ U-01 Head: Eye Beam
__ U-02 Chest: Black Heart
__ U-03 Hook: Bone Cracker
__ U-04 Pegleg: Iron Kick
__ U-05 Sword: Blood Blade
__ U-06 Gun: Flintshock
__ U-07 Tentacle: Sticky Fingers
__ U-08 Foot: Terra Shatter
__ U-09 Hammer: Spectral Crash
__ U-10 Head: Hatred
__ U-11 Forearm: Binder Blast
__ U-12 Hand: Bone Cracker
__ U-13 Chestplate: Lifestone
__ U-14 Wing: Wind Vein
__ U-15 Arm Pad: Coffin Raker
__ U-16 Hand: Rage Claw
__ U-17 Head: Blood Fang
__ U-18 Foot: Terror Talon
__ U-19 Chestplate: Dark Shroud
__ U-20 Spear: Crimson Reaver
__ U-21 Head: Pharaoh's Curse
__ U-22 Foot: Crypt Kicker
__ U-23 Hand: Fist of Ra
__ U-24 Sword: Death Kris
__ U-25 Chest: Dust Devil
__ U-26 Scarab: Petrify
__ U-27 Axe: Tomb Slasher
__ U-28 Hand: Energy Drain
__ U-29 Head: Jack O' Laughter
__ U-30 Sword: Firebrand
__ U-31 Forearm: Fire Gauntlet
__ U-32 Flame: Slow Burn
__ U-33 Wing: Flame Forged
__ U-34 Hand: Knucklebuster
__ U-35 Foot: Pyre Iron
__ U-43 Guitar: Smash Hit
__ U-44 Beam: Whammy Bar
__ U-45 Head: Monster Smash
__ U-46 Drain: Circuit Breaker
__ U-47 Backpack: It Lives!
__ U-47 Head: Rock Jaw
__ U-49 Foot: Combat Boot

Note: these items have the same numbers as other glyphs but are different items and are included with the Iron Spectre.
__ U-14 Sword: Shatter Blade
__ U-15 Hand: Spectral Slash
__ U-16 Head: Altergeist
__ U-17 Foot: Shattered Earth
__ U-18 Hand: Iron Fist
__ U-19 Chain: Shackle
__ U-20 Shield: Super Reflector

Unnaturals Notes
Unnaturals Glyphs are molded in red plastic and have a skull emblem on the left hand side.
U-01 through U-07 are included with Skull Jack. U-8 through U-13 are included with Grim Skull. U-14 through U-20 are included with Hemo Goblin. U 21 through U-28 are included with Crypt Curse. U-29 through U-35 are included with Tomb Wraith. U-43 through U-49 are included with the Franken'punker. An extra set of U-14 through U-20 are included with the Iron Spectre. To our knowledge there were no U-36 through U-42.

Last updated 20 August 2005. All available Neo Sapiens and Unnaturals are listed.


__ S-01 Head: Poison Bite
__ S-02 Chest: Armor Skin
__ 2-03 Leg: Double Slash
__ S-04 Shin: Spur Kick
__ S-05 Foot: Scratch
__ S-06 Wing: Dive Bomb
__ S-07 Axe: Energy Steel
__ S-08 Claw: Claw Crusher
__ S-09 Bug: Parasite
__ S-10 Head: Hammer Shock
__ S-11 Chest: Carapace
__ S-12 Foot: Scorpion Slash
__ S-13 Hat: Siesta
__ S-14 Stinger: Neurotoxin

Sectoids Notes
Sectoids Glyphs are molded in yellow/orange plastic and have a buglike emblem on the left hand side.
S-01 through S-07 are included with Bone Cutter. S-08 through S-14 are included with Dune Stinger.


__ B-01 Head: Saber Fang
__ B-02 Arm: Ultra Strength
__ B-03 Tail: Tail Whip
__ B-04 Foot: Slash Kick
__ B-05 Axe: Rune Slash
__ B-06 Claw Weapon: Tri-Razor
__ B-07 Armor: Rage Mail
__ B-09 Belt: Lunar Strength
__ B-08 Crossbow: Moonbow
__ B-10 Head: Rabid Rage
__ B-11 Arm Pad: Fang Guard
__ B-12 Cape: Courage Cloak
__ B-13 Stake: Vampyre's Bain
__ B-14 Trap: Iron Jaw
__ B-15 Wing: Razor Wing
__ B-16 Axe: Slice N' Dice
__ B-17 Hand: Raptor Talon
__ B-18 Foot: Kick Slash
__ B-19 Head: Phoenix Fire
__ B-20 Arrow: Stun Bolt
__ B-21 Head: Rooster Caw
__ B-22 Spear: Mojo Spear
__ B-23 Forearm: Thunder Punch
__ B-24 Hand: Bone Crusher
__ B-25 Head: Mandrill
__ B-26 Chest: Jungle Fury
__ B-27 Foot: Kick Punch
__ B-28 Banana: Slippery Ground
__ B-29 Head: Masked Voodoo

Metabeasts Notes
Metabeasts Glyphs are molded in burgandy plastic and have a paw emblem on the left hand side.
B-01 through B-07 are included with Razorclaw. B-08 through B-14 are included with Moon Stalker. B-15 through B-21 are included with Storm Wing.

Last updated 20 August 2005. All presently available Sectoids and Metabeasts are listed.


__ F-01 Head: Thermal Glaze
__ F-02 Chest: Molten Heart
__ F-03 Hand: Magma Grip
__ F-04 Foot: Pyro Kick
__ F-05 Launch Arm: Plasma Blast
__ F-06 Sword: Inferno Slash
__ F-07 Wings: Phoenix Flight
__ F-08 Eyeball: Hypnotize
__ F-09 Wings: Fury Flight
__ F-10 Sword: Shiver Sword
__ F-11 Arm Guard: Toxic Shock
__ F-12 Claw: Static Slash
__ F-13 Chest: Mega Voltage
__ F-14 Magnet: Magnetelectro
__ F-15 Head: Rust Bucket
__ F-16 Foot: Amp It Up
__ F-17 Sword: Arc-Wielder
__ F-18 Chestplate: Arctic Wind
__ F-19 Claw: Ice Sickle
__ F-20 Arm Guard: Fire Block
__ F-21 Shield: Crystal Blaze
__ F-22 Ice Shard: Frostbyte
__ F-23 Head: Holiday Cheer
__ F-24 Sword: Hoarfrost

Hyperfuries Notes
Hyperfuries Glyphs are molded in black plastic and have a flamelike emblem on the left hand side.
F-01 is, in fact, Thermal Glaze and
not Thermal Gaze, which would make more sense as it's a piece that represents the head.
F-01 through F-08 are included with Inferno Fury. F-09 and F-10 are included with Grim Skull. F-11 through F-17 are included with Shock Berserker.


__ BM-01 Head: Mind Rip
__ BM-02 Arm: Hydraulic Lift
__ BM-03 Claw: Electro-Shock
__ BM-04 Foot: Jackhammer Kick
__ BM-05 Launch: Multi-Blast
__ BM-06 Chain Saw: Mecha-Slice
__ BM-07 Forearm: Power Boost
__ BM-08 Hand: Crushing Blow
__ BM-09 Head: Snuggly Goodness
__ BM-10 Sawblade: Laser Slash
__ BM-11 Head: Lockjaw
__ BM-12 Leg: Multi-Kick
__ BM-13 Body Core: Gyro Drive
__ BM-14 Weapon: Man Crusher
__ BM-15 Forearm: Hyper Claw
__ BM-16 Blaster: Mini-Gun
__ BM-17 Launch: Heat Seeker
__ BM-18 Chest: Power Generator
__ BM-19 Backpack: Omni-Body
__ BM-20 Wings: Jump Jet
__ BM-21 Forearm: Max Thrust
__ BM-22 Leg: Hyper Jump
__ BM-23 Wheel: All-Terrain
__ BM-27 Head: Holo-Driver
__ BM-28 Cape: Cape Fear
__ BM-29 Sword: Cyberslash
__ BM-30 Drain: Ramsack
__ BM-31 Foot: Lead Foot
__ BM-32 Small Robot: Mini Driver
__ BM-33 Claw: Mind Rip

Note: these items have the same numbers as other glyphs but are different items and are included with the Omega Guard.
__ BM-09 Saw Blade: Chain Slash
__ BM-10 Knife: Vibro-Slice
__ BM-11 Forearm: Force Shield

Biomecha Notes
Biomecha Glyphs are molded in a pale bluegrey plastic and have a gear emblem on the left hand side.
For some reason, Biomecha glyphs are numbered with an overlap-- there are two each of NS-09 through NS-11. The sets that overlap are the Omega Guard and the Preda Crawler. It is possible this is an error to be corrected by Hasbro later.
BM-01 through BM-08 are included with Sledge Trooper. BM-09 through BM-15 are included with Preda Crawler. BM-16 through BM-23 are included with the Transcorcher.

Last updated 20 August 2005. All presently available Biomecha and Hyperfuries glyphs are listed.


__ A-01 Staff: Shadow Lance
__ A-02 Shoe: Imp Kicker
__ A-03 Sword: Cypher Slash
__ A-04 Drain: Rune of Ruin
__ A-05 Hand: Conjure
__ A-06 Head: Mesmero
__ A-07 Shoulder Armor: Dark Ward

Arcaster Notes
Arcaster Glyphs are molded in white plastic and have a mason-like emblem on the left hand side.
A-01 through A-07 are included with Runeslayer.


__ R-01 Hammer: Mjolnir
__ R-02 Claw: Flame Rip
__ R-03 Head: Sulphur Spew
__ R-04 Drain: Slow Cooker
__ R-05 Foot Claw: Raptor Claw
__ R-06 Wings: Flameglider
__ R-07 Tail: Whipthrash

Reptosaur Notes
Reptosaur Glyphs are molded in green plastic and have a dinosaur head-like emblem on the left hand side.
R-01 through R-07 are included with Firedrake.

Last updated 20 August 2005. All presently available Arcasters and Reptosaurs are listed.

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