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Places to go.

Toy Links

Various Toy Sites is a source of toy news the world over which means, of course, there's a lot of stuff that nobody else reports. A good resource, to be sure.
BZPower is a great resource for articles, features, lists, and the like on Bionicle, and it also sports the Bionicle Zone forum.
Collectobil contains forums, images, and articles of all things Playmobil, and is currently the best site on the Web for all things Klicky.
Lugnet hosts set archives going back from the beginning, user groups, and countless resources required for the LEGO afficionado.
The Mask Of Destiny reports the news of LEGO's Bionicle range-- and there's more than you might expect!
Microman Forever is an excellent resource on Microman toys and several related toy lines.
The Raving Toy Maniac is a great online toy news resource, with frequent updates and superhero updates out the yin-yang.

Star Wars Toy Sites
Galactic Hunter is a leading source of Star Wars collectible news, commentary, and other information. Adam contributes reviews, reporting, and his Q&A column.
Rebelscum features one of the most extensive Star Wars: POTF2 photo archives and features a great news page and several other special features. It's also the home of Adam's Star Wars Q&A (from 1999-2001) and other features from several years ago.
Yakface's Realm is a site that Adam once contributed to, but it seems most of his stuff is no longer there.

G.I. Joe (3 3/4") Toy Sites
Cobra Island is a great news resource for new and upcoming releases.
GeneralsJoes hosts reviews, forums, and diorama stories of the figures. features everything you want to know about the 3 3/4 inch GI Joe toy line... and then some.

Ben's World of Transformers is full of information on the toys and the shows and comics, so be sure to check this out if you haven't yet seen it.
Dave's TransFormers Page has a tremendous archive of reviews and an excellent sightings area as well.
TFU.Info has a toy and parts archive that's about as complete as they come. If you need help identifying a toy, don't miss it.

Zoids, Robo Strux, Techno Zoids
Phenotype's Zoids Site has numerous product reviews and photographs of the new Japanese and American Zoids releases. An excellent resource for information on the line.
Zoids: The Coolest Toys Ever! is quite possibly the oldest Zoids site on the Web, and while it's a little long in the tooth, it provides an excellent overview for the history of these toys and features various international variations.

Music & Movie & TV & Comic Resources

Anime News Network has an incredible array of new Anime news every day as well as some great columns, Adam writes their toy column.
The Aquabats have their latest poot and junk on their site.
Freezepop are from Boston and awesome.
DVD Price Search lists numerous e-coupons and sports a search engine to find the lowest DVD prices on the web. Comparison shopping made easy.
Man... Or Astro-Man have their own site with the latest news on their newest projects.
Nerf Herder is a great band full of some of the greatest people you'll ever meet.
Polysics are from Japan and are quite possibly the greatest live show you will see today. Crazy Japanese Devo-inspired fun at its best.
The Simpsons Archive has all the news on everybody's fave yellow family, as well as dozens of lists of just about anything you might want to know.

Funny Stuff is the home of the fantastical, horrible, and endearing works of Tony Millionaire.
Pokey the Penguin is an avant garde online comic strip which is enjoyed by the upper crust of the web development scene. Or something drawn by a twelve-year-old with a great sense of humor. Nobody really knows.

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