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Xevoz Hasbro, 2004+

01: Skull Jack

Skull Jack is an Unnatrual, one of the undead beings of the Xevoz toy line. While the plastic appears as if it should glow in the dark, it does not. He includes a wide variety of weapons and armor, as well as two heads (skull, cyber skull) which allow for numerous configurations. Other parts allow for peglegs, hook hands, and so on and so forth.

The entirety of this set was recolored and sold with parts from Inferno Fury to produce Grim Skull (see below). The molding is identical, but the coloration and kind of plastic used are significantly different.

Notes: While all packaging shows a figure with many cybernetic elements, it is possible to produce a figure that's just a plain skeleton. Also, while the set was made before numerous "wacky" elements found their way into the line, it does include a very random tentacle arm which is capable of holding various weapons.

Other notes: The bulk of this figure was also reused in the Tomb Wraith set. The entire figure and all of its accessories were reused to make the Grim Skull. The Tomb Wraith is a very dark blue color that appears black, but by comparison, the Grim Skull is totally black. The Grim Skull includes all of the Skull Jack parts as well as some Inferno Fury parts, all of which are at least slightly recolored.

02: Alpha Ranger

The Alpha Ranger belongs to the Neo Sapiens race, which basically makes this your generic human trooper figure. Seemingly a combination of Robocop and the ALIENS Space Marines, the figure is armed with several guns, a sword, and some other parts that aren't easy to identify. The figure includes three heads-- one helmeted, one's a normal human head, and the other appears to be a shrunken head with a top knot.

The does have enough armor to give the figure a very different appearance than the basic configuration, which is a human in a blue jumpsuit. Its "wacky" piece is a shrunken head, which is rather simplistic when compared to the fairly ornate items from later sets.

Other notes: The figure and all its accessories were recolored and sold as the Omega Guard. The Omega Guard had a yellow suit instead of blue and included recolored bonus parts taken from the Sledge Trooper figure. Also, the body, limbs, and one the shrunken head of the Alpha Ranger were recolored and used to make the Street Punk.

03: Razorclaw

The only figure to date designed to walk on two legs or four, Razorclaw is essentially an anthropomorphic saber tooth tiger. This member of the Meta-Beasts race has two heads, a claw weapon, a sword, a spear of sorts, a bunch of armor, and an opening jaw on one of his heads. He also has interchangable paws, one set can hold weapons while the other are best used if he'll be walking on four legs.

While he can be made as an unarmored animal or an armored warrior, he also includes a fairly nifty weapon-- a pair of interchangable hands that are, in fact, boxing gloves. Fans of the line will probably want to buy this kit just for those parts, as nothing is quite as cool as a boxing robot or a boxing ninja.

04: Inferno Fury

A man of flame that looks a lot like the final boss on the Soul Calibur games, Inferno Fury is one of the Hyperfuries, a race made of energy, ice, or other concepts in science. While this figure doesn't have a guy-with-removable-armor sensibility, he does have a spring-loaded weapon, some particularly giant weapons (sword, staff) and three interchangable heads. One head is just a flame, another is a flame with a mask, and the final head is a giant flaming eyeball.

Note: Many of Inferno Fury's weapons and components were recolored and included as bonus parts with the Toys "R" Us exclusive Grim Skull set.

05: Sledge Trooper

The first giant robot of Xevoz comes from the Biomecha race, and it goes by the name Sledge Trooper. The figure is one of the widest and has a number of weapons, snap-on armor pieces, and even a brain under the robot helmet. He doesn't have much in the way of special limbs, but his armor is removable, and he has a claw hand, a giant hand, a chainsaw hand, and a machine gun hand as well as a couple of particularly nifty backpacks.

Note: Many of the Sledge Trooper weapons and accessories were recolored and included with the Omega Guard when that set was available as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.

06: Shadow Blade with Bone Cutter

The first-ever two-pack of Xevoz toys included the first-ever Sectoid kit, the mantis-like Bone Cutter as well as the stealthy Shadow Blade, a ninja/scuba diver ninja.

The Shadow Blade includes two swords, two heads, some scuba gear, nunchaku, and some pretty nifty armor. There aren't any great joke pieces assigned to this kit, but the ability to go from Ninja to Scuba Diver and back again should be reason enough for most toy fans to want this Neo Sapiens set.

Note: numerous parts of the armor were reused with the Street Punk kit later on, which also included numerous Alpha Ranger parts.

While most people will buy the set for the ninja component, they'll keep it for the Sectoids mantis part. Bone Cutter is a marvelously painted set with an excellent paint job, numerous spare parts allowing this to be a two-, four-, or even six-legged creature. While none of its parts were reused as of yet, it does include an amusing spare head-- a big green light bulb. The set includes an insect staff weapon as well as a huge chunk of bug armor. With enough spare parts to include a secondary figure, this is one of the finer kits released thus far.

07: Moon Stalker with Hemo Goblin

Never one to shy away from puns, Hasbro named their first werewolf the Moon Stalker and their vampire Hemo Goblin, a play on hemoglobin.

The Moon Stalker Meta Beast is a wolfman with a lot of weapons and armor, including a massive crossbow, a curved sword, some sort of ball-and-chain-and-stake device, undoubtedly used for fighting the Hemo Goblin. Also included were two variant heads, a cape, and a piece that could serve multiple functions-- the steel trap. It works as a weapon or accessory, but it's also designed to act as a spare head-- thus making it a great "gag" piece.

Meanwhile, the Unnatural Hemo Goblin has no obvious humor pieces, but it does include a lot of armor, some spare hands, two heads, and a fairly enormous spear. One of the heads has a ponytail, and looks fairly pale-- like a traditional vampire in many respects. The spare is a purple, monstrous creature that will undoubtedly inspire many a fantastic reation over time. There's also two sets of wings included-- one large set, and one tiny pixie-size set.

08: Sky Grinder

The winner for the most spare parts and gadgets in this line's first year unquestionably goes to the Neo Sapiens Sky Grinder, which also seems to be the kid-friendliest character in the line. Extreme sports, familliar looking heads, and other gadgets were thrown in most likely to appeal to someone who might not be ready to jump at the notion of sombrero-clad scorpions just yet.

All three heads more or less tie in well to the extreme sports theme of this human figure-- one has sunglasses, headphones, and spiky pink hair, number two has a wool cap and a goatee, and number three has a jester-like ski hat. Each gives the figure a distinctly different look, and probably won't scare off new customers. The set includes roller blades, but the wheels don't actually work. A jetpack is included with spring-loaded pop-up wings, and there's also a large surfboard with numerous pegs for added weapons. Thankfully, Hasbro included several missiles, rockets, and bombs for this figure as well as handheld detonation devices for them. The humorous piece in this set is either the aforementioned jester head, or a large chunk of broken pipe that, we presume, is used after the Sky Grinder finds's someone's ass. And needs to beat it.

09: Shock Berserker

The electric man in this line is the Shock Berserker, a yellow and green Hyperfuries character made up of energy bolts and various metal components. His feet are speakers, his chest looks like a stove, and there are various bolts at the joints for reasons unknown-- we presume to hide possible stress marks that could be easily visible in clear plastic.

The set includes two sets of hands, some armor, a couple of heads, a sword, a staff, and a nifty magnet accessory that is the set's token joke piece. The configurations for this set all look very similar due to the lack of variety of pieces in the set, but each time it's assembled, the figure can perform different functions due to the hands or head used.

Also see:'s Review of the Shock Berserker.

10: Dune Stinger

The Sectoid Dune Stinger is a giant scorpion with virtually no extra parts. The main model takes up pretty much everything, although there's an added miniature bug that can be assembled, two different bug heads, and "normal" hands instead of the pincers if you swing that way. The highly posable creature doesn't have much to spare in the way of included parts to flesh out the designs, but it does include an amusing sombrero head which, while cool, is the head-- other figures cannot wear it as a hat, it completely replaces their heads.

11: Omega Guard

One of the first two exclusive sets was the Neo Sapiens Omega Guard, an orange recolor of the Alpha Ranger (minus one small piece) with bonus parts from the Sledge Trooper kit. No new parts were introduced in this kit, although it did include the Sledge Trooper chainsaw, torso, brain head, gun, and a few other spare parts.

12: Grim Skull

The other exclusive kit was Grim Skull, a surprisingly excellent repaint of the Skull Jack kit that also included spare bonus parts taken from the Inferno Fury set. Unnatural Grim Skull is now black with purple, ghostly weapons and a variety of red-and-black parts from Inferno Fury. This time, the Inferno Fury eyeball head is red with white instead of red and orange, and looks considerably improved. The other red parts are very similar to those included with Inferno Fury and a few are a little confusing. For example it includes the projectile from that set, but not the launcher. Also, it includes the thumbs from the large variant hands, but not the rest of the hands.

13: Quick Slinger

Surely reminding many fans of comic favorite character Hellboy, the Quick Slinger seems to reference numerous characters out of pop culture and in some cases, bears a strong resemblance to Clint Eastwood's character from Hang 'Em High. The character includes four guns-- two small pistols, and two giant weapons modeled after parts of pistols that you may have seen from the old west. Three heads were included-- one normal head with white hair, one with brown hair and a non-removable hat, and one more with no hair, a bandanna covering the mouth, and a non-removable hat. Aside from these accessories, it also included a long coat, energy handcuffs, an energy lasso, and a fantastic gag piece as well as his "drain attack"-- a "Kick Me" sign. You can slap it on the back of any figure as of yet available.

14: Tomb Wraith

While the Tomb Wraith does borrow numerous parts from his Unnatural brothers, the Grim Skull and Skull Jack, he also has numerous completely new components as well. Almost all of the armor pieces are still present, as are the same heads, the metal leg, and the now unpainted tentacle. New here are some flaming gauntlets for hands, giant orange wings, a fire sword, a gag piece jack-o-lantern head, and a fire "drain attack" piece. This skeleton also includes the old pirate hook from the earlier kits, and the skeleton parts are now a very dark blue. For the record, the Grim Skull is done in black, and it isn't easy to tell the difference without side-by-side comparison.

15: Storm Wing

The first avian creature in the Meta Beast lineup as well as the entire world of Xevoz is the Storm Wing, an eagle creature with few extra parts. For weapons, the character has his talons, a spear, or some short swords with which to attack the enemy. The bulk of the would-be "extra" parts are used to construct the fairly large and ornate figure's frame, although there are three heads included to give him some more personality. The first is a normal eagle head, the second is the head in a tweaked open form, and number three-- the joke piece-- is a rooster's head, which is easily one of the most amusing of the entire range. The figure's "drain attack" weapon is an arrow, which is fairly simplistic.

16: Shield Breaker

Only the second Neo Sapiens kit to include a reference to sports is the Shield Breaker, an armored warrior with numerous transparent green shield pieces that undoubtedly act as a defense system. In addition to numerous green pieces of armor, the figure has a flip-open missile-firing system, showing there are a lot of unique ideas to be gained from the ball-jointed construction.

Two heads are included. One is a helmeted head with a hole in the front which allows for a green guard piece to be placed over the front, offering the man inside additional protection. Number two is a basic human head in a red baret, and may remind some fans of the late 1990s reissue of Dusty in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero collection when placed on this figure... at least when it's out of the armor.

The set doesn't have a clear-cut gag piece, but it's possible that he has many. One, a big hockey stick. Two, what appears to be a cricket bat. Three, his drain attack piece, which appears to be a target sight like you would see in any movie in which missiles are about to lock on to something.

17: Crypt Curse

The first and so far only obvious representative from ancient Egypt is the love mummy Crypt Curse. As a large Unnatural figure, it has a spring-loaded punch attack that's in the waist joint. Without any of its armor, it looks like a big super-posable generic mummy toy. With its armor, it looks like an armored mummy which is, to say the least, a little odd. The set has swords, a staff, a two-sided axe, a lot of armor, some sort of scarab piece, and a drain attack that looks like the Egyptian equivalent of a blue ribbon.

Two heads are included, neither of which appear to be especially funny, although it could be argued the Jackal head is in fact a joke piece. The other head is a normal mummy head, and both are very interesting for completely different reasons. The set also includes a piece that could be a club or a drumstick with a bite taken out of it-- we're really not clear on this.

18: Cryo Katana with Preda Crawler

The third two-pack features the Hyperfuries Cryo Katana and the Biomecha Preda Crawler. The unlikely pairing includes few spare parts, but has enough neat bonus pieces to draw a lot of attention.

The fairly tall Cryo Katana is essentially an ice and snow warrior with numerous weapons, a shield, lots of armor, multiple hands, and even three heads. Head number one is a ninja-like ice sculpture, number two is made similarly but has an enormous opening jaw, and number three, "holiday cheer," is a snowman head, complete with black button eyes, a coal smile, and a carrot for a nose. The set's giant sword is huge, but a little bendy-- and finally, the drain attack piece is a small ice piece.

Meanwhile, the cybernetic spider-like Preda Crawler has few weapons and spare parts, but does make them count. Its drain attack weapon is a chain saw, it has a three-part claw piece, four legs, and numerous places are included to attach extra limbs. The obvious gag piece is the teddy bear head which really doesn't fit the theme at all, but it is adorable. A staff with a claw on it is included, as are two more heads. The first is a steel-jaw metal maw that opens and closes, and the second is a cyborg-like pale face that may remind George Lucas fans of the robot cops from THX-1138 or to a lesser extend, Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back.

19: Transcorcher with Street Punk

The first vehicle of the entire line is included here, the Biomecha Transcorcher. The companion figure, the Neo Sapiens Street Punk, can ride it-- although not very well. This set is notable for being the largest so far, for its use of numerous existing parts creatively, and for having multiple significantly different configurations for the pieces included. Also, while the previous two-packs were distinctly split between the two characters, there's some intermixing here to make each toy.

The nifty Neo Sapiens Street Punk, upon first glance, is a completely new figure with little variation in its design. This is wrong-- most of the body of the punk configuration is borrowed from the Alpha Ranger, with armor on the shoulders, knees, and chest-- if you use it-- having been borrowed from the Shadow Blade ninja set. The Punk configuration also incorporates an all-new head with a pink mohawk (dubbed "Rebel Yell" to please both Billy Idol fans that may see this) as well as huge boots, new forearms, and a brand new bare-chested torso if you so choose to use it. Configuration two is essentially just the Alpha Ranger basic body, complete with original torso, with a new head and some armor snapped onto it. In pilot mode, the figure can ride the car mode of the Transcorcher, although not very well due to the size of some limbs. A third and fourth head are also included-- one's an unpainted black shrunken head like the Alpha Trooper and Omega Guard included, and the other is a brand new head with white hair and black eye makeup that actually does resemble Billy Idol just a little. A couple of pistols were included to arm him, as were two chainsaws that are also used to make foot pedals for the large vehicle.

For those keeping track, the giant, massive Transcorcher Biomecha set has the most completely different configurations thus far-- three. Mode number one is a dune buggy, number two is a large robot, and number three is a small jet. While Hasbro photos do show the Street Punk as a pilot riding the jet, no official photographs exist of him riding the dune buggy. The large robot is nifty as well, and the torso component has a button that activates some movement that does tend to get in the way at times. There are so many parts with this kit that it'd make your head spin, incuding dual missle launchers, a propellor, lots of armor, a windshield, a seat, it's really quite extensive and clever for an action figure. Spare heads for the robot mode include a black head with a yellow eye slit, a grey head with a red eye slit, and a brain in a jar which is quite fetching and even includes a little speaker on the front. Another piece is included, gag or not, that has a true function as-of-yet undetermined. It's a hammer, and it looks to be a head.

Also included are some massive rifles, huge claw hands, and more. This set has the most heads yet, with seven between the two kits. (For the record, none of the previous two-packs have exceeded six.) Hasbro lists the names of the configurations as follows. For the Street Punk, the mowhawked version is merely the Street Punk, while the pilot is, naturally, the Street Punk Pilot. Meanwhile, the Transcorcher is the name for the robot mode while the large vehicle is called the Transcorcher All-Terrain Vehicle and the small jet is named merely "Mini-Jet."

25: Iron Spectre with Battle Attack Transporter

The Battle Attack Transporter is a carry case and battle arena for these figures and can hold a game mat as well as parts to assemble maybe six figures. The Unnatural Iron Spectre is a ghostly apparition that looks as if it were designed to haunt old castles, and includes an axe, sword, giant shield, lots of armored bits, and a lot of green plastic pieces to make up the haunted frame of the figure.

Three heads are included. One is a blank green energy item that just seems to be a wisp at the top of the neck, another bears a striking resemblence to that of X-Men villain Magneto. Number three is a gold skull-like face that can be placed either on the neck or inside the torso, which includes some armor pieces so it can be hidden inside. Nifty!

The Iron Spectre includes numerous hands, two sets of boots, and some spare limbs as well as a chain piece for its drain attack functions. This is also the first kit we encountered that receives stress marks as a result of one of the grey pieces being inserted into the green leg pieces, so be careful with this one.

Pages last updated September 7, 2004.


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