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In the Summer of 2001, Shaun Clayton and Alan Trammel got together with a vision for a new and perfect world centered around performance comedy, poetry, and drama.

Former member Timmy Budinger was instrumental in getting the group started along with Alan. During a brainstorming session in CD Depot, he suggested the name "Mechanically Separated Chicken." taken from a bit done on the Wayward Bus, CDE Founder Tony Carnivale's KXCI radio show, in which they called up an employee at a Diamond Shamrock gas station and had her read off the ingredients in a Slim Jim.

Then they decided to screw the drama and just have a centerpiece for eclectic and innovative comedy. We've used video, improv, sketch, sketched-out improv, and the ever popular "Hooks For Hands." And now, we do nothing, as the group is done.

Our premiere season of Fall 2001 centered around the research of Dr. Karl (Budinger), researching the formula for comedy. Or as he called it, "the funny." Unfortunately, he didn't find it and as a result went mad... and shifted the paradigm of the show for Spring 2002 to a basic sketch-and-improv format which lasted until the group stopped performing in 2002.

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