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During our illustrious reign as the University of Arizona's fourth comedy group, we produced a number of advertisments as part of a hard-hitting campaign that resulted in nearly everybody we asked knowing about MSC. The downside is that despite high name recognition, show turnout was low. We thing our posters were all kinds of awesome, and present them to you here today.

These contain a number of in-jokes and well, that's how we like them. We have numerous other flyers in our archives which we are currently formatting for the site. All posters were done by our group members and are currently not being used to promote anything.

Comedy is Dead Series
Comedy Is Dead
Free Comedy
Steal This Flyer
Tear This Poster Down
This Is Garbage
Yakov Smirnoff
NEW! Chicken Crusade
NEW! Chicken Think
NEW! Chicken Tract
NEW! Comedy is Dead (mechanical)
NEW! Overcrowding
NEW! For people who hate everything
NEW! Unused Logo
Valentine's Day Poster
Tres Sexy
MSC Needs People
Communist Poster
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