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Behold, the wildly incomplete and untold history of Mechanically Separated Chicken!

2001: Fall

Our expermental season's records have been mostly lost due to the shifting sands of time and/or the laziness on the part of the group on keeping up on this sort of thing.

Roughly a half dozen shows were performed under the "Dr. Karl" scenario. The shows followed Dr. Karl's (Timmy Budinger) research for "the funny" which, sadly, he never discovered.

Sketches in this season included the popular "One Of These Things," "Improvisation Station," "The Hunt for Osama bin Laden," and "The Ace of Base Sketch." Unpopular sketches for the season included "Tripping," People who stayed with the group for the season were Alan Trammel, Timmy Buddinger, Adam Pawlus, Rob Leach, Zac Bertschy, and Shaun Clayton.

Timmy and Alan left after the season, and Rob left after the first show in 2002.

2002: Spring

With half the cast and a new time slot, the group immediately held tryouts and has managed to enlist Nitya Kurtak, Dan Lavelle, and Ryan Cowan-Malloy before our first show.

...on February 1... we had a show out in front of the U of A Student Union. There was construction, lots of yelling, and hooks for hands. We'll probably do another noontime show at some point in the future, just keep coming to our shows to find out.

...on February 7... lots of yelling, lots of Germans, lots of slurs, lots of manic fun. You really missed out, you know. Come to the damn show already.

...on February 14... there was a fight between Abe Lincoln and Mao Tse Tung as well as a fantastic series of improv bits and many more. One we won't name here again, but if/when we play another non-regular venue, you will see it again...

...on February 21... the pirates pillaged the performance and there was a special marathon version of Improvisation Station, and the enigmatic Amanda joined our group...

...on February 28... the Shame Pirates were introduced, Amanda had her first show, Zac & Dan sang about blue humor, and a team of British specialists really made the show click...

...on March 21... sometimes a show can't be perfect, and this is one of those shows, although Stab Kid made his first appearance, and Uncle Cardboard Box made a return...

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