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Transformers Generations Decepticon Thrust Hasbro, 2010

Thrust In Brief
Thrust is a repaint of a Japanese toy from a few years ago, which was itself a revised version of a 2006 Starscream toy. The 2007 Botcon Thrust and the 2008 HenKei version are each quite expensive, and this one is only $12-$15. As such, we strongly suggest you get this one.


Hasbro has released many toys named "Thrust" over the years, but this one is the closest to how the cartoon character is painted. Based on the 2007 Ramjet mold-- which itself started life as a 2006 Starscream-- this version includes new wings and a new paint job. Surprisingly, it also includes a tiny bit of chrome under the canopy.

He turns from a jet to a robot. If you've been following this line since 2006, 2007, or even 2008, there's probably nothing here to surprise you. Very similar Thrust toys were previously sold at Botcon in a boxed set to the tune of nearly $300 (and more on the secondary market), and a 2008 Japanese release (of which this is a repaint) was closer to $100 at some times. So on one hand, this figure is something of an apology for fans who wanted a fairly-priced Thrust toy. On the other, it's going to anger the fans who shelled out for the more expensive versions previously released to market.


Despite being a welcome addition to the line, there's not much to see here that will surprise you.

The figure is about 6-inches tall, and his rocket launchers and yes, even his turbines are fully removable. They connect with the traditional 5mm pegs. Unlike other incarnations of this toy, Generations Thrust has silver Decepticon logos on his person. Painted to mimic the animation model rather than the original toy or the comics, this one will stand out as being somewhat distinctive even on a shelf with the other Thrust toys. But not by a lot.

Due to the unique wings on his ankles, our sample seems to have a little trouble standing properly. Obviously you can lean him up against something, but if you knocked the shelf or table on which he lives, he's likely to do a faceplant. Fair warning.


It's a jet! Pretend to be surprised, or if you're too cool for school (G1 being school) we're sure you're bored. I, on the other hand, was delighted to get another Decepticon warrior for my slowly growing army.

Due to the peg holes on the wings, of which there are three total pairs, you can change up how this character looks. I didn't like the configuration on the package, so I made it more like his G1 counterpart-- the turbines are on top of the big wings, the cannons are on the bottom, and nothing is plugged into the back. You may configure these as you see fit, but I think this looks the best.

While the paint job is basically Thrust-inspired and as Thrusty as you can get (and therefore not worthy of too much rambling), I will say I was delighted by the subtle addition of some vac-metal (or chrome) elements in the interior of the cockpit. Tomy (now of Takara Tomy fame) frequently employed silver pieces in its Zoids range to bring a little more gee-whiz factor to its toy kits, and it seems to really work nicely here. It's worth noting the HenKei release had some chrome on his guns, which, admittedly, looked a little bit out of place. Here, it just looks decent.

From the bottom, you can see the vehicle retains the landing gear nipples as all previous releases had. The deco was improved, as the sides were painted so it looks more consistent in both vehicle and robot modes.

Additional Accessories

Thrust includes two rocket launchers, two projectiles, and two turbines.

With multiple holes and four accessories, the figure is fairly open to reinterpretation. His arms and fists can hold these extra pieces, as can his wings. They're also losable if you don't particularly care for them. The spring-loaded rocket launchers are similar to the ones used on every other retail Decepticon jet toy based on this mold in the USA except for Ramjet, who has unique, fatter cannons with similarly chunky rockets.


For your convinience, here are some "seekers," the go-to term for a group of Decepticon jets in Transformers fandom. ("Skyraiders" proved unpopular.)

From left to right: Ramjet (2007, Classics), Thrust (2010, Generations).

Packaging & Shipments

This toy came packaged in the first wave style Transformers Generations packaging with a compliment of paper twist-ties, which are much more easily removed than the plastic and wire ones used for most of the past 15 years. The bubble also has a sticker advertising the HUB Network, a Hasbro-owned cable channel which won't launch until October.

It's about standard for Transformers these days-- mostly red, a big bubble, and not a lot of cross-promotion as of late. The only other toy promoted on Thrust's box is War for Cybertron Bumblebee, and he's on the bottom next to the UPC.

The figure first hit stores in June 2010 with casemates Drift, War for Cybertron Optimus Prime, and War for Cybertron Bumblebee. For those unfamiliar with those terms, Drift comes from the IDW Transformers comic book series, while the latter two come from a video game coincidentally also released in June 2010. In the initial assortment, each two shipped at two per shipping case. At press time, this seems to be the only case Thrust will ship in, but it should be said that all information is likely not on the table.


If you're a collector that had not yet purchased a Thrust compatible with the "Classics" or "Universe" toy lines, this is a great one-- it's also the third version, and the cheapest. We're sure if you bought the BotCon version, or the later Japanese release, you're none too pleased right now. But the casual fan or the collector on a budget will undoubtedly be pleased with this toy even if it breaks absolutely no new ground and is essentially a glorified (but welcome) retooled figure.

Reviewed and photographed by Adam Pawlus
Sample purchased at a Phoenix, AZ Toys "R" Us in June 2010 for $11.99
Reviewed on June 30, 2010.


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