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Krusty the Clown Playmates Toys, 2000

Somene, somewhere, once said that the world loves a clown. These terrifying reisdents of the stage are hit and miss, but the first Krusty the Clown action figure to see an actual release turned out quite well.

Krusty comes with a whopping five accessories (cereal, fries, shake, burger, camera) and has four points of articulation.

The sculpt of the figure is excellent. Rather than placing the shoulder joints on the traditional spot (the shoulders), the shirt is all one unjointed piece and the arms themselves are separate. Granted, it's a small detail, but it really helps the look of the figure. The pose allows for a pie to be thrown, a wave to be made, and a bunch of other clown-esque positions. The face is a ltitle happier looking than one might have expected from the most embittered clown on TV, but it still looks great.

Krusty's accessories tend to rely heavily on the "plastic piece with a sticker" method Playmates loved so much in the early 1990s, but thankfully, paint was also used to punch them up a bit. The fast food accessories are nifty, but not exactly exciting. Since they turned out well, they're far from a waste of plastic. The camcorder seems like a great accessory, given that no cameraman came with the Krustylu Studios playset. The real winner, though, is the Krusty cereal box complete with flesh eating bacteria. All in all, the only thing missing from this package is a pie and a seltzer bottle.

Additional pics available via the box below the image. Please allow for some loading time. Please take note that some images were altered slightly in order to show detail which that would be otherwise lost.

Krusty the Clown
5 inches
Playmates Toys

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