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Bohrok Invade Tucson, AZ
 February 1 2002

Bionicle Bohrok Hit

A Toys "R" Us in Tucson got hundreds of units of the Bohrok toys. The snow one, Kohrak, was apparently short-shipped in that there was a huge display of the other five and just a few of ol' whitey.

No Borhok Va (the smaller ones) or Krana packs (the "brain"/mask packs) were on the shelves.

Of course, we'll be posting a feature on this in our Toy Box shortly. We picked up Tahnok and Gahlok, the fire and water ones. Aside from coloration, the random krana, and the "hands," the crablike toys are identical. While the Toa had their similarities last year, at least they had different mechanisms, weapons, masks, and some variety in construction. Either way, initial impressions of the toys show that they're neat, have integrated a great package, and this would probably be a great birthday, valentine's day, or other type of present for the loved ones in your life... who are toy junkies.

One final note: the Gahlok came with a little comic book, the other one didn't.

New He-Man Toy Images has posted shots from Action Figure Expess of new toys like Castle Grayskull and a variety of other new figures and vehicles. Well worth a look. Grayskull has a very 80's quality to it. Some packaged shots of the toys were posted as well, unfortunately not of Skeletor or Orko or anything cool, but it's nice to see the toys coming along.

McDonald's International Happy Meal Toy News Page

Jay-Dee Toys regularly posts news on current/upcoming McDonald's toys from around the world. American fans can read this site and discover the wonders of the Happy Meal toy... namely that nothing of any real merit will be out for quite some time, unless you're a Disney fan.

New PSOne Playstation Bundle

A new pack of the PSOne and the LCD Monitor shipped from Sony this week. It includes the PSOne console and the monitor for $199.99, which is a bit of a deal since the monitor is around $130. Of course, who doesn't have a PSOne or access to a TV at this point?

Xbox Announcements: Franchises a Go-Go has posted about a few new Sega announcements today, including Crazy Taxi 3 and apparently Universal is bringing Crash Bandicoot as well.

In other news, someone talked me into trying Jiffy Pop on my stove tonight. My house now stinks. The lesson: Jiffy Pop is the Devil's Popcorn.

More Monday.

-- AP

Jr. Continues
 February 5 2002

TransFormers Jr., more Toy Fair Images posted some shots of the upcoming TransFormers Jr. toys... not the fire truck or helicopter, but actual Maximals and Autobots. See Cheetor, Gorillabot (Optimus Primal), and more in their special preview!

The site also posted news on Dr. Who statues, 11" vinyl Tron dolls, upcoming Lilo and Stitch toys (the next Disney flick), and a lot of other goodies. So go there.

Star Trek Cancellation

The 35th Anniversary set of Captain Kirk and Gene Roddenberry has been given the axe by Pallisades, and no reason for it has been given. A shame, but at least more Trek toys are on the way courtesy of Art Asylum.


Over the years, members of our staff have been quoted for reasons completely unrelated to this site. One of those appears online at the Washington Post, where Adam sounds off on the issue of Twist Ties. The little plastic nuisances appear in everything from Simpsons to TransFormers, and now they appear in a news article online.

See, now we're famous. Now somebody give us a job.

-- DS2

More Magic
 February 6 2002

Harry Potter DVD Release

The Digital Bits posted specs on the release date and contents of the first Harry Potter flick. May 28. Start savin' yer nickles.

Magic: The Gathering Toy Fair Images posted some shots of upcoming Hasbro figures for Magic. Figure junkies may recall that ReSaurus had some in preproduction a few years back, but circumstances dictated that these were to never see release. Now, Hasbro's trying their hand at the figures, and they don't look half bad.

Sega Signs Toy License

After Nintendo's announcement the other week, Sega and Joy Ride Studios announced a deal involving such properties as Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Fighter, and Sonic. Here's hoping for Monkey Ball goods soon.

In semi-related news, Sega posted some neat Sonic Team collectibles. Pricey, limited, and with odd descriptions, it's neat to see.

Lastly, Sonic Advance for the GameBoy Advance is in stores nationwide today, and buzz surrounding the all-new 2D Sonic platformer has been positive.

TransFormers News Round-Up

eHobby has posted this page with images of Act 7 PVCs... nice. Mostly Japanese characters will be included along with old favorites like Wheeljack and Perceptor.

Mega PVC Optimus Prime (aka Convoy) is available at HobbyLink Japan and buzz has it over at Bigbot that there's a Star Sabre and Megatron to follow.

Bionicle Krana Pack Impressions

In a trip to Toys "R" Us this afternoon, I snagged a pack of the Krana. What this is, essentially, is three "brains" for the recently released Bohrok toys plus two Kanohi (masks) for last year's sets. Until we do our Bionicle mini-feature, here's the impressions:

The Krana are able to fit in a brain pan in a Bohrok or Bohrok Va, or as a sort of mask on a Toa/Turaga/Tohunga (the "robots.") They're made of a rubbery material, kind of like some old character erasers, and they seem like they could be easily discolored, or otherwise damaged. Should one of these get bent up, it'd break. Still, it's a neat idea. Not as neat as the highly varied sculpts on the masks, but it's a neat idea. There's no real benefit to having extra Krana as they fit inside the toy and they all seem somewhat similar when compared to their predecessors.

The new masks, on the other hand, are great. Basically, the six masks of the canister sets from last year are done up in gold or silver. Each pack has a gold mask and a silver mask, so there aren't as many as there were last year, but they really do look great on the bodies, the coloring is just really something. Here's hoping they do some new mask sculpts for 2003.

For $1.99-$2.99, you get a fair amount of goodies, if you dig this sort of thing. Otherwise it's just overpriced plastic. The new masks are a great accent to existing sets, so if you're looking to design your own original ones it's worth shelling out the cash for a pack.

eMail Woes

A few emails sent to me today were bounced back "due to content" and I don't know why or what this means. The accounts should all be up, running, and back to normal.

-- AP

Toy Fair A Go-Go
 February 11 2002

GI Joe has dozens of new shots: Zartan, Baronness, and many many more new and repainted figures. Don't miss it.

New vehicles for the line have just been released. We spotted a bunch of them at Target for $9.99 with a VHS tape of an old cartoon taped to it.


Reports from the Web say that while no new figures were shown, Palisades did have some old product on hand as a preview for the new line. Nice.

Muppets posted tons of new Muppets news. Previously announced figures include Kermit, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Miss Piggy, and Dr. Teeth. New painted figures shown included Fozzie Bear, Kermit (Tuxedo), and Daredevil Gonzo.

Concept art of Crazy Harry (the guy with the TNT detonation box), Floyd, Dr. Strangepork, Janice, Sam the Eagle, Zoot, Rolf, Scooter, and fan favorite fish flinger Lew Zealand were shown as well. All in all, other than a good regular Gonzo, what more could you ask for?


The Raving Toy Maniac's Toy Fair Page has been updated with new figures-- like minifigures of the complete softball team, Space Homer, and many more-- for your perusal.

Also see Disco Stu, new versions of Bob & Krusty, a suited-up Grampa and what appears to be Sunday Best Lisa. And Rod & Tod. All in all, a good update.

Spider-Man Classics

In addition to the (supposedly) on-again Kay-Bee Exclusive Scarlet Spider, new figures for 2002 include a magnetic Spidey, water wars Spidey, a Lizard, and a few other new villains. Images, hopefully, will follow soon.

Star Wars

Check your favorite site. Or since I work there.

The Official Site posted their stuff as well. The highlight? A Playskool baby version of Mace Windu, aka Samuel L. Jackson. Check it out, right here.

TransFormers: Armada

Ben Yee posted the lowdown with pics at a few days ago, and it's really something to see. Some are great, some aren't. The new Megatron is a real bummer, but hey, check 'em out.

Press Junk(ett)

Tons and tons of press releases have popped up, few of which are really all that informative. With all the new stuff on the way this week, check your favorite toy sites for the latest images and news from New York's finest toy exhibition!

-- AP

McFarlane has Legend, Aliens, & Predator, Jason X Film, More
 February 12 2002

Bionicle: Toy Fair, Vahi Released?

Altered States Magazine, who posted TransFormers goods in the past, now have a big feature with some of the new Bionicle showroom images. If you follow the news of the toy line online regularly, there isn't much new to see here, but there are some new images of some slightly changed toys that should be of some interest.

Mask Of Destiny posted a shot of and some news on a lucky toy buyer who scored nearly a dozen Vahi masks. Wow. Here's hoping we can score some of those...

Jason X

This site has info on the new Friday the 13th film, Jason X. Apparently, it's already out in Brazil and Spain, but will be coming to the states in April. We're fairly ignorant on most things Jason and/or Freddy, so be sure to check out the site for the full scoop.

Lego Toy Fair

From Bricks to Bothans, a Star Wars Lego site, has posted shots of Star Wars and several other new Lego sets (monsters, etc.) Do check them out.

One of the neater new products is Galidor, which seems to be Lego's attempt at making honest-to-goodness action figures. Quite unusual, but nifty.

McFarlane posted their full Toy Fair catalog. Go see it. Highlights include:
Movie Maniacs V: Terminator's Sarah Connor and T-800 Endoskeleton, Aliens vs. Predator set, Jason X, Lord of Darkness from Legend, an 18" Edward Scissorhands, and many more. All in all, a good line-up.

McFarlane's Monsters: Not too distant from the mini figure/playset packs from a few years ago, new versions of famous classic monsters are seeing plastic. Their images do not show a good shot of the Voodoo Queen's Tiki mask, which is quite nice.

Also shown were dozens of sports figures (don't care), no new music characters other than more KISS stuff, some H.R. Giger, and some Ultima Online 2. All in all, spend some time looking around the catalog, there's a lot to like.

-- AP

I Do Love Knife Fights
 February 18 2002

Sega Sonic Redux

In the past couple of weeks, Sega has released a variety of titles on Nintendo platforms, including Sonic on GameCube and GameBoy Advance. If you've got some money to drop, there's a deal at some stores, like Target, offering an in-store coupon for $5 off when both Sonics are purchased. So keep an eye open for that.

Back to the Future DVDs

The classic Michael J. Fox vehicle-- no pun intended-- has been kicked around for a few years, being delayed time and time again since its intended release in 1997. Word around the web (DVD sites, is that we will, in fact, finally see these discs in stores later this year. Finally.

Bionicle News Round-Up

In addition to the goods shown last week at Toy Fair (which, sadly, did not include the new Toa types due out at the end of the year), some other goodies have shown up.

Mask Of Destiny added a review of the Kanohi packs, a feature on an event in the Times Square Toys "R" Us, and a postcard being sent to would-be Bohrok buyers. showed the aforementioned Toys "R" Us event, which has some life-size masks, Bohrok, and other goodies that are worth seeing if for no reason other than to kill time and fill space.

Kanohi Power has directions on making your very own Krana storage rack. Neat!

Charlie Brown Figures posted a feature on the new figures from Playing Mantis. Several characters and even a playset are on tap, so this looks to be a really dynamite line with good sculpts and decent accessories for those so inclined. The colors are a bit... unorthadox on a few but they still look great overall.

Marcy was absent from both assortments.

Futurama Petition

In case you didn't already hear, Fox is looking to cancel the animated show Futurama at the end of this season. While online petitions are, usually, a joke that companies rarely take seriously, this one seemed worth mentioning. Click here to read/sign it. So far, over 58,000 netizens have made their wishes known.

The petition also makes note of a Futurama DVD set, which at the present is not being sold in North America.

Larry Sanders on DVD

Before the Mr. Show discs come out, it seems HBO decided to release Season 1 of Larry Sanders. To read the full review of the set, which streets on February 26, go to DVD File.

Wall of Voodoo & Ridgway Videos Online

For the interested, a video for WofV's Mexican Radio as well as some of Stan Ridgway's solo efforts are up on his website at And the links work this time.

Zits Toys also reports that N2 Toys has the license to make merch from the comic strip Zits. has a shot of Jeremy Duncan.

You may recall the name N2 from last Toy Fair, when they showed off some 5th Element toys that never came to see the light of day. At least not yet.

-- AP

Random News
 February 26 2002


After being woefully out of print on VHS for several years, the classic Weird Al Yankovic comedy (which opened and tanked opposite Batman) will be coming to DVD on June 4. And it's a special edition. For the full scoop, visit

Beast Wars, Super Mario Super Show DVDs Now Available

Rhinomation has released the first six episodes of Beast Wars to DVD for $15-$20, available now. More notable and surprising, we spotted the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on DVD at a Best Buy for $12.99. It is unknown if these include the live-action segments with wrestler Capt. Lou Albano, but we will let you know if/when we secure a copy to review.

Those interested in retro kitsch Nintendo swag would also be wise to check out infamous wannabe punk/retro poseur store Hot Topic at most malls in America for 80s NES-era Nintendo shirts and whatnot.

GI Joe vs. Cobra: 12" Figures Hit

Hasbro released a trio of characters from its popular 80s range in a 12" scale-- Nunchuck, Firefly, and Duke. And they're a very sorry lot. They seem to be shipping to Wal-Marts and sell for $10-$15.

Kubricks Hit Tower Records

Special Force 4 and Evangelion Kubricks have been spotted in Arizona Tower Records stores for $4.99 and $9.99 respectively. The Medicom toys have started showing up in American chains through Diamond Comics Distribution.

The Mooney Suzuki to Release New Album

New York Mod-Inspired Indie Rockers The Mooney Suzuki (who are great) will release Electric Sweat on April 9. For the full scoop, go to their web site.

Scarlet Spider comes to Kay-Bee Toys

The long awaited Scarlet Spider from Spider-Man Classics has come out, but with more than its share of changes. Rather than the beautiful, original sculpt we were originally shown last year, the figure is a modified Black Spider-man figure with a cloth shirt. It, along with Spider-Man 2099, are currently sold at Kay-Bee Toy Stores for around eight bucks.

Simpsons Celebrities Roll Out

While not news to most, the first batch of celebrity figures have hit stores. Fat Tony, Troy McClure, and Herb Powell have shown up at Toys "R" Us at a price of $2 higher than a regular figure. While a little high, it's still nice to see new product.

Sock Monkey Drinky Crow figure to come from Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics, best known for Sin City, Star Wars, and Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey, will be releasing a large PVC Drinky Crow figure for about $20 this Summer. He has interchangable eyes and a bottle of booze.

Spider-Movie Figures Drop in Price

After bowing at a $8.99 price, Target and other chains have bumped them down to pennies under $7, and now we highly reccomend them. (Not the damanged one, it still sucks.)

Tron Kubricks hit Japan, eBay

Also not big news, but the Lego-like Tron figures from Medicom have hit online shopping channels. It is unknown if they will arrive in the United States through a local distributor.

X-Treme Detail releases New Stuff

The 21st Century Toys 4" line has had several new items ship to Toys "R" Us, including bombed out French building dioramas and a line of figures with more traditional articulation. These look pretty neat, so be sure to take a gander when you walk by the military stuff at Toys "R" Us next time you're on a toy run.

-- AP

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