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Toy Clearance A Go-Go
 July 8 2002

BanDai Anime Collector Clearance

The boxed sets of Anime figures, vehicles, and/or robots have been marked down at several stores. Some GameStop and EBWorld stores have them down to roughly $10, and Kay-Bee has them down to $7.99. If you've been wanting Big O, Pilot Candidate, or Cowboy Bebop in plastic on the cheap, this is your chance.

Devo Releases "New" Album

Devo fans, take note: a new CD from Rhino, "The Essentials," has been released with no previously unreleased tracks. Not too different from the old (and cheaper) Greatest Hits CD, it's not something that anybody but the hardest of the hardcore Spud would want to track down... unless they want more of the same.

Lego, Bionicle Clearances

While last year's Rahi sets have seen more than a few markdowns, now you can find the Toa ($4.80) and Kanohi packs ($1.30) on clearance at your local Target stores.

Some Alpha Team, Jack Stone, Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, and other Lego sets have been marked down as well, but it varies from store to store.

Speed Racer Series I Returns

The first four figures-- Speed, Trixie, Racer-X, and Pops-- have reappeared at many Kay-Bee toy stores for $3.99 each. This may be the final outing, as the now-defunct ReSaurus company has yet to release its final series of toys shown over a year ago.

TransFormers: RID Clearance

The Robots in Disguise line is being marked down at several chains, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Kay-Bee Toys. If there's something you've been holding off on picking up, now may be the best time to snag it before Armada shows up.

Wizard World Coverage

Dozens of new toys were shown over the weekend at a fairly large convention... find out more with The Raving Toy Maniac's coverage!

For specific information, try looking at the coverage at Yo Joe! for 4" GI Joes, or Altered States Magazine for TransFormers news... including a preview (or "spoilers," for the insane) of BotCon stuff.

-- DS2 & AP

By The Power of Grayskull
 July 10 2002

Bionicle: Lewa Nuva Arrival

UK-based Kanohi Power has updated with a brief feature, with pictures, revealing this brand-new toy. While it's not yet available in North America, it's expected relatively soon.

Also new to you if you don't keep up, the Bionicle Boxor, Exo-Toa, and the Bahrag twins have been released to several US retaillers.

Masters of the Universe: They're Here!

...but not everywhere. We've spotted the Electronic Assortment ($11.76) and the basic assortment ($7.77) at Phoenix Wal-Marts, and He-Man's sword ($14.99) at a Phoenix Kay-Bee Toys... again. Wal-Mart's shelf tags listed the Cat assortment-- set to include Battle Cat and Panthor-- for pennies under $13.

We purchased samples of the basic He-Man and Skeletor figures and are in the process of creating features on both of them.

-- DS2 & AP

 July 11 2002

ToyBox Update: He-Man

Well, better one than none, right? Today, we've finally updated the ToyBox with the all-new He-Man, The Most Powerful Plastic Man in the Universe! Next up: Skeletor.

Mattel Taking Over

A few releases around the press reveal that Mattel picked up some notable licenses formerly belonging to Hasbro... namely Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Looney Toons... this is a big, big deal, almost as big (if not bigger) than Hasbro's coup of getting Disney from Mattel not too long ago. Stay tuned for future developments!

-- DS2 & AP

Hiss IV Arrives
 July 25 2002

Alienators: Evolution Continues

While not exactly top news, the David Duchovny vehicle had a pretty lousy animated spin-off which resulted in a fairly mediocure toy line from BanDai. Currently only being spotted at Kay-Bee, micro- and figure-scale toys are available around the United States at malls everywhere.

GI Joes: New Vehicles Spotted

In the past week, we've spotted new toys like the FANG II and the Assault Quad at Toys "R" Us, and the Cobra Hiss IV and the Sand Razor at Wal-Mart. Of note: the assorment with the HISS and Sand Razor has three pieces, and only one of them is the HISS. So naturally, we bought the HISS, and while we intended to have a review up tonight, it'll be a day before we get the images all cleaned up. The price was $15.86.

Mini-Masters of the Universe, regular Battle Cat Found

A Phoenix area Target tonight had a four-pack of barely articulated He-Man figures, which cost $9.99. He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor, and we believe Man At Arms (we didn't take notes, sue us) were included. Several others were shown on the back of the package, and Beast Man was highlighted as being exclusive to this set. Naturally, this leads us to believe more packs are available or are on the way.

We also spotted Battle Cat for the first time, $14.99 at Kay-Bee Toys.

Pepsi: Now Available in Blue

Some friends joined us for tonight's toy run, and we discovered a horrible thing: new Pepsi Blue. Looking like little more than carbonated windex, the beverage has a pretty awful berry color and while we do advise the curious to give it a shot, it ain't that great.

And no, this isn't a joke. Pepsi. Blue. Nearly a decade after Pepsi Clear.

Simpsons Large Figures Released

We spotted three large Simpsons figures from Playmates Toys in a Phoenix area Target store tonight: Mr. Burns, Homer, and Smithers. The accessories are really something, and the figures are $14.99 each. The sculpts are virtually identical to the smaller ones, with the exception of their being a wee bit taller.

TransFormers G1 Reissue Tech Specs

Ben's World of Transformers posted the tech specs for the three Toys "R" Us G1 Reissue Toys. Check 'em out!

TransFormers: Armada Available

We've seen these new babies all over town. We've personally sighted the three mini-con sets, the role-play toy Laserbeak, Starscream, Red Alert, Megatron, Hot Shot, Cyclonus, and Demolishor.

We've picked up a sample of Starscream, and it's pretty neat. The toy has a good transformation, lots of gimmicky fun things to play with, and at $19.99, it's not a bad deal. Pick one up if you have the means.

-- DS2 & AP

Austin Powers & More Masters
 July 26 2002

Austin Powers 3 Figures Available

We forgot to mention it yesterday, but the first batch of Mezco Toys' Austin Powers: Goldmember figures. Selling for $9.99 per at Kay-Bee toys, we spotted Fat Bastard, two versions of Austin Powers, Goldmember, a Dr. Evil/Mini-Me set in their prison garb. All in all, they were nicely sized, and well-jointed, but the face sculpts weren't quite what we've come to expect from McFarlane's figures. Still, they're worth a look.

Austin Powers: Goldmember

We got a look at the new film last night, and what can we say? It's a laugh riot with an unsurprisingly weak story, just like you'd want. Giving away too much ruins the movie, but we will say this: we haven't seen a movie this self-aware in some time, and it's an overall better product than Austin Powers 2. The opening's cameo-fest is guaranteed to delight, so if you like the characters, expect a little more of the same, minus the gross-out fest that permeated the second flick. Don't get us wrong, it's still plenty dirty in parts, but there's no "nutty coffee" type gags.

Ed Wood DVD Delayed

Tim Burton's film, apparently, has been indefinitely postponed. No new date has been given. (We're not especially pleased by this bit of news since Adam sold his VHS copy a month ago since the DVD was supposed to be out in August.)

He-Man Mini Figures, Figures with Videos Shown posted scans of the mini-fig package we mentioned yesterday. The fourth figure is Meckaneck, not Beast Man, as we previously reported.

Also posted were links to ebay auctions of Mer-Man and Beast Man packaged with videos... and these aren't deluxe figures! Be sure to check out these curiosities.

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Review Online

DVD Site The Digital Bits posted their review of the DVD... which didn't fare especially well. Given the price of the disc and the lack of supplements, well, read the review and make your own decision based on whatever it is that forms the basis of your decision making.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull Spotted

Online Retailler Entertainment Earth now has Castle Grayskull available to order for $74.99. We've heard of Wal-Marts receiving the item as well, but we don't know what they're charging as of yet. posted a bevy of images and a review as well, so you might want to check that out.

HISS IV Feature

We finished most of the images, but as you know, we really like to make the toy features extensive. Some of our images didn't turn out, so at this point, we don't know if it will be up today or Monday.

-- DS2 & AP

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