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New Stuff Pt. II
 January 28 2002

They Might Be Giants Feature

Last September, I got the chance to talk to John Linnel of They Might Be Giants fame. It took us a while to get our pictures back, but since we got it, it's time to post the feature. Wonder what's up with NO!? Curious as to how they got on Tiny Toon Adventures? Well, wonder no more, sports fans.

If you came over the weekend, you may have seen it, but if not, here's the official addition. The interview was... shall we say slightly delayed? But anyway, here goes.

Site Updates

OK, so it's been a little while. Regular updates begin again today, cats, at least until May. We swear. Of course, we still intend to keep our "no official updates on weekends" policy, because, well, we like to sleep. And eat.

There's still a lot of Simpsons product to add to the archive, and unfortunately we're only caught up through Series 6 because, well, the newer offerings (and many 2002 items) make it very hard to want to collect 'em all. That and they keep delaying Disco Stu and Duffman, and for that they totally suck.

Don't worry, kids, we'll have new content up faster than you can say "Green Day sucks."


Mechanically Separated Chicken is a comedy group in Tucson that, if in Tucson, might interest you.

-- AP & DS2

Tron Toys Return, More
 January 29 2002

Tron Returns

The old 1980s Tron figures, originally from Tomy, have been reissued by Neca. Neca, if you recall, brought us the questionable Beetlejuice figures last year, as well as some of the newer Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise.

Carded Tron characters are selling for around ten bucks each, and a lightcycle/figure set is selling for $24.99. Interested parties might like to know that Medicom is releasing some higher grade products in Japan: four super-articulated figures will be packaged with lightcycles for around 4980 yen each, and a quartet of Kubrick sets including lightcycles are coming soon as well.

The Neco Tron toys were spotted last night at a Suncoast Motion Picture Co. in Tucson, AZ.

HobbyLink Japan is taking orders for the Kubrick sets, which are roughly $28.50 each. No word of US Distribution via Diamond Comics or someone else has been heard yet.

Conan to Move To Fox?

NBC's Late Night Host Conan O'Brien may be considering a move to Fox, according to this brief on Considering they have an upcoming program entitled "Andy Richter Rules the Universe" (or "Controls" according to some sources), it seems that Fox really is after NBC's college demographics.

GI Joe: Rocky Balboa Prototype has posted images of the unproduced Rocky Balboa Joe figure. Fans of the line know the figure was later altered into the Cobra warrior Big Boa.

He-Man 2002: Orko Pics, Sculptor Interview has posted images of the new Teela and Orko figures as well as an all-new interview with The Four Horsemen, the cats behind the new toys.

Lego Phase-Outs

In a bit of a surprise move, Lego has started to cease production on many of its 2001 sets already. Some of the casualties include the bulk of the pre-2001 (and 2001) Lego Star Wars range and the Bionicle Turaga toys. So if you've been putting off buying certain sets, now's the time to drop the cash on these sets.

Simpsons Celebrity Images posted shots of the first wave of packaged Celebrity figures, which sport new, different, and dare we say inferior packaging. Take a look-see.

Spider-Man Classics Kay-Bee Exclusive Available

It showed up earlier, but we were on break. Spider-Man 2099 has replaced the Scarlet Spider as Kay-Bee's exclusive Spidey, and he's available in significant quantity at almost every store we've visited.

TransFormers: Repaints in Disguise

The "super" versions of the Car Brothers have started showing up at Target stores, among others. Look for all-new X-Brawn, Side Burn, and Prowl. The toys look the same as the previous editions, but have snazzy new paint jobs and most of the silver chrome is now gold, designating that the driver is probably a retiree.

Also, the Playskool TransFormers like Policeman Pete have started showing up as well. Neither Autobots nor Decepticons, they're a neat change in the TransFormers toy line if you're on the lookout for something new.

-- AP

More Toy News
 January 30 2002

Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man Jr., More at U.K. Toy Fair

The fine folks at posted a ton of info and images today, so be sure to check 'em out for a preview of what we'll be seeing worldwide in 2002.

Bionicle Bohrok Roll-Out Continues

Reports all over the Web hint that the new villains for Bionicle are hitting stores, although we have yet to see them in our area. Check your local Wal-Marts for them, as they usually get this stuff first in many areas. Many stores have shelf-tags up but haven't gotten the product, so keep your eyes open.

TransFormers: Resculpts in Disguise

Three new basic toy packs have been spotted at Wal-Mart:
X-Brawn & Scourge
Optimus Prime
Ultra Magnus
Each is roughly the same size as the other basic cars from the two-packs (like a Hot Wheels car) and costs about five bucks.

Tron Pricing Correction

Upon closer observation at other stores, we have spotted two different cycle/figure sets at $24.99 (blue and yellow) and each of the four carded figures are $6.99 each at Suncoast, not $9.99. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

-- AP

Metroid Toys?!?
 January 31 2002

Nintendo, JoyRide Studios Sign Toy Deal

A press release came down the pike today that says the above companies have entered a licensing agreement that will "create collectible figures and vehicles based on... Luigi's Mansion, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid." Metroid. Oh, baby!

Lego Shop-At-Home Weekly Specials: January 30-February 5

Every week, Lugnet posts a story on Lego's own company store's weekly specials. Not much of merit this week, but it's good to know about if you've got the urge to buy something cheap.

Simpsons: High School Homer & Marge to be Shared Exclusive

You can overpay for this one, too. Word has it the new set will have an SRP of $29.99 and be sold at Electronics Boutique and Diamond Comics chains. Start saving your quarters!

Stan Ridgway's Next CD to Debut in February

To all you Wall of Voodoo fans out there-- both of ya-- you might be interested in knowing Stan Ridgway has a new album, "Holiday in Dirt," coming out on February 12. Stan was one of the co-founders of and the singer in the classic '80's band Wall of Voodoo.

Here's a few links to early reviews, Fresh Air has clips from the new disc:
All-Music Guide
Fresh Air (audio review)
The New York Observer

The new release is on New West Records.

-- AP

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