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 March 5 2002

Metroid, Sega, Nintendo, & More at RTM

In the Raving Toy Maniac Toy Fair coverage, they have a shot of an upcoming Samus Aran Metroid figure, some Zelda, Crazy Taxi, Luigi's Mansion, and other video game properties from Joy Ride Studios. Samus' helmet is a little off, but the rest of the stuff looked OK from the pictures. Be sure to check these out.

Devo to Release New Album... Sort Of

Yet another "best-of" compilation of tunes from the Spudmen from Ohio is coming April 2 from Rhino Records. The low-cost disc is said to include a dozen of their finest, which you've probably heard on one of at least five similar compilations released over the years. No new material will be released on this disc.

He-Man Updates has added a whole mess of new images from Toy Fair the other day. Looks like Skeletor's Panthor is gonna be flocked.

Kevin Smith DVD Price Drop

The SRPs on Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Clerks: Uncensored (the cartoon) have been dropped to a cheap $14.99. Best Buy has a deal this week where if you buy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back for $17.99 and one of the aforementioned discs, you get another five bucks off. I highly reccomend the cartoons.

Wall of Voodoo Co-founder to Release New Solo Album

Marc Mooreland, best known as one of the co-writers of Mexican Radio and a member of Department of Crooks, has a new solo album coming out soon. Kitchen Whore Records will be releasing a solo CD of the inimitatable guitarist today, supposedly. While we know of no promo copies (we would like one), we hope to have thoughts on this new disc soon.

Welcome to Eltingville-- Best TV Show Ever?

Well, it's the best new thing this week. Cartoon Network showed an episode of this new show on their Adult Swim block, and it's all about guys who hang out at comic stores, buy toys, watch bad TV, and play games all day. It's a geek show. And it's really funny. It'll be on again Thursday, so be sure to check your listings for showtimes.

-- AP

Nightmare Before Christmas: The Game?; Muppets Return to TV; Superion at K-Mart?
 March 12 2002

GI Joe: A Real American Freebie

With the dawn of the all-new sculpted GI Joe toys, apparently Hasbro and Kid Rhino have joined forces to give kids the classic TV episodes that so many of our generation grew up on. So far, Wal-Mart stores are getting figure sets with a taped to them (including the recent Cobra Commander), and Target has been getting the "Alpha" vehicle assortment with a different video taped to them. Other videos may be out there at other chains, but so far this is all we've seen.

K-Mart Closure List

A few readers and web sources cued us on to this list of K-Mart stores closing as a result of their less-than-stellar business lately.

Kingdom Hearts: Disney, Square, and Tim Burton?

In a new series of articles from The GIA, screenshots and artwork for new Kingdom Hearts characters are shown. The Square-Meets-Disney hybrid previously showed off Final Fantasy, Hercules, and other characters... but now, you can see Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock, and Barrel as well. For fans of cross-genre gaming, this seems to be one of the biggest surprises of 2002.

More Muppets on TV

In a report in this morning's Arizona Republic newspaper was a blurb from a Fox TV executive regarding an all-new Muppet show that's currently in the early stages of production. The exec described the show as "edgy" and made sure to point out that it wasn't a remake of the classic Muppet Show, although it will retain a few characters.

Previous Muppet programs that featured some of the classic cast (and ran for 13 episodes or less) were NBC's The Jim Henson Hour nearly a decade ago and ABC's more recent Muppets Tonight! which showcased Clifford, a rastafarian salamander first introduced in NBC's show. The cast of the new show is currently unknown.

Square & Nintendo Back Together?

Several video game sites are reporting that the rift between two of the greatest game developers may be closing up, so check your favorite game news sites for the latest scoop. Or go to The GIA because it rocks.

TransFormers: Knock-Offs In Disguise

This evening's K-Mart run revealed an interesting item: a bootleg Superion gift set was included in several of the many $19.99 deluxe prepackaged Easter Baskets. The toys was brimming with a surplus of Autobot logo stickers, one of which was done in purple. Since does not have access to a normal Superion toy in its archives, we are unable to comment which (if any) pieces were missing or if the toy was scaled down from the original release. Either way, let nobody say there's nothing interesting being sold at K-Mart these days.

TransFormers: New Exclusives

Ben Yee's TransFormers Page is reporting that the supposedly cancelled Megabolt Megatron and Air Attack Optimus are tentatively scheduled as exclusives for Kay-Bee Toys and Toys "R" Us, respectively. Good news for all Beast Machines fans, both of you should be very happy.

-- AP

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