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People Get Ready
 June 1 2001

TransFormers Box Coming To DVD

Really: Rhino announced today that Season One of TransFormers: Generation One will be made available over 5 DVDs and on 5 VHS tapes later this year in a box set. This was confirmed on Rhino's FAQ page.

New Action Figures In Stores

Astounding: Recently, the big wave of summer movie tie-ins has began its onslaught, and there's a lot of new releases in just about every area of action figures.

Jurassic Park III: The third and most likely final installment in the series is full of major changes. First, Spielberg didn't direct the film, but you knew that. Second, the toys are now scaled to a smaller four inches rather than five. And thirdly, all the toys hitting in the United States are in trilingual packaging. A new Air SABRE (the first was in the Chaos Effect line), several electronic dinosaurs, and at least four carded action figures complete with companion dinosaurs have been released so far, with other items trickling in every few days. Most typically, these have been spotted at Toys "R" Us and Kay-Bee toy stores. Wal-Mart's exclusive "Jurassic Park" line of dinosaurs and people seems to be evaporating as time goes on.

Tomb Raider: The carded figures and a two-pack of Lara versus one of the film's many enemies have recently hit Toys "R" Us and Kay-Bee toy stores.

Dexter's Laboratory: Fans of the Cartoon Network program might be interested in a recently released set of figures that runs around ten bucks and includes a large figure of Dexter and smaller figures of Dee Dee and everybody's favorite, Monkey. (Sans "Dial M For Monkey" duds, unfortunately.)

Clearances: Toys "R" Us continues to get new and interesting items for pennies on the dollar, including the articulated Pokemon trainer figures, the final wave of Star Wars: Episode One (Collection One) figures, and a lot of older stock is seeing rather drastic reductions in some areas. If you haven't been on a toy run lately, now might not be a bad time.

-- AP

Get My Goat
 June 4 2001

GameBoy Advance Leaks

Now you know: If you follow gaming news, you've undoubtedly heard rumors or read something on the Gameboy Advance which launches next week. A few games for the system are actually being sold in stores today, we spotted Iridion at a local Target. So if you've got an import/stolen/advance unit, 'tis gametime

New Simpsons Product: PVC Figures, Talking Keychains, Wave 7

Available Now from Re:PLAY!: A box of several small, non-posable Simpsons figures has just been released to speciality stores like Suncoast. Included in the set are: Two Barts, Homer, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Sideshow Bob, Krusty, Mr. Burns, Apu, and Grampa. We passed on it for now, but the set sells for a very reasonable $9.99.

Three talking keychains/backpack clips/whatever were also released. Bart, Krusty, and Homer each sell for about the same price as a Playmates action figure and can spout out a couple of sayings each. posted a list of Wave 7 action figure product. In the regular assortment: Officer Marge, Lou, Cletus, Hans Moleman, Mrs. Krabappel, and Dolph. The playsets are listed as Krusty Burger with Pimple Faced Kid and the Simpson Kitchen with Fat Homer. At this rate, it seems there won't be many great characters left to do in another year since they've done them all!

Simpsons DVDs

They're Coming: The Simpsons Archive has confirmed that everybody's favorite animated series will be coming to DVD later this year in box sets split up by season. Price dates and specific dates were not listed, although we're excited at the prospect... as long as the price is right.

The Simpsons Archive also has dozens of lists, episode guides, and news items to inform even the most dedicated of fans on all things related to the show... except for toys and promotional goods.

Wipeouters Update

Are We Not Men: We've gotten more than a few inquiries about the Devo spin-off band known as The Wipeouters. For those wondering, the group features three of the original members of Devo (Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale) and a drummer who works at Mutato Muzika. The CD is entitled "P'Twaaang!!!" and has shown up at smaller music stores around the country. It's on the label "Casual Tonalities," so if you're looking to get this, a special order might be just the ticket...

Site Additions

Toy Archive: The Simpsons Archive has been updated with Kamp Krusty Bart, Sunday Best Bart, Sunday Best Homer, Moe, Radioactive Homer and the Power Plant Playset.

As an added bonus, we realized several links to head shots were not appearing on their pages. This been remedied over the weekend. The Simpsons checklists have also been updated. Also, we're still looking for a good deal on a Pin Pal Burns since our order was rejected... so keep us posted if you get extras.

-- AP

Right On Schedule
 June 26 2001

TransFormers News

Sorta: Act 4 of the ever-popular PVC line has been announced-- sorta. A few different breakdowns of the contents of this case have floated around the web, with no images to confirm anything except for a box marked "Act 4" which has a shot of Metroplex on it, leading many to believe he will be another chase figure.

Act 3, featuring Bumblebee, Soundwave, and other favorites is slated to appear soon, possibly within the next week.

Takara is also releasing a series of superdeformed transforming toys based on the original characters. An image floating around the web (which has surfaced at Bigbot and elsewhere) shows an Optimus Prime toy as well as concept art of Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus. One thing is certain, when these come out in September, we will be hunting them down.

Simpsons DVDs

Continued: Fox Italy posted the contents of the DVDs, which got re-posted over at The Simpsons Archive. If you want to know what may very well be on each of the three discs, visit their news area.

New Nerf Herder CD

Finally: Originally slated for release in late Spring, the new release "My EP" on My Records will be coming out next month, according to several online music stores. The release will be under ten bucks and include seven songs, like "Jacket" and the infamous, marvelous, astounding tune that is "Love Sandwich."

For those unfamilliar with the musical brilliance that is Nerf Herder, do check out or your favorite Napster-equivalent and look for tunes like the aforementioned soon-to-be-classic "Love Sandwich" or "Van Halen" and "Lamer Than Lame."

New Toys

Continued: Toys for two more Summer blockbusters have hit with Planet of the Apes from Hasbro and Final Fantasy from Bandai. The Apes from Hasbro are notable since they're larger than Hasbro's typical offerings, and also carry a price tag to match-- nearly $10 at Wal-Mart. While the articulation and size have been increased, they don't look all that much more detailled than any other figures from the company.

Site Additions

Toy Archive: The Simpsons Archive has been updated with Millhouse. Then Nelson... then Wave 4... and then the world. Good day.

-- AP

Right On Schedule
 June 27 2001

TransFormers New Reissue and PVCs Act 4

Sucks: Disappointed? Oh yeah. Other than Fortress Maximus, there are no new sculpts.

Pictured are:
Arcee and Daniel (in robosuit)
Fortress Maximus
Megatron and Laserbeak
Optimus Prime (new arms)
Thundercracker (Starscream repaint)
Ultra Magnus (Pewter)
Hot Rod opening the Matrix (opaque)

A picture was posted here, so take a look. These look like better chase figures than actual figures, so anyone looking to not collect them all won't have a problem passing on this series.

Also, Japanese exclusive God Ginrai will be rereleased soon! The toy is essentially the US' Powermaster Optimus Prime with some extra armor. Pretty slick, and not expected to be too cheap with preorder prices topping $100.

Dogma Special Edition DVDs

Out Yesterday: The loaded double-disc version of Kevin Smith's opus is on sale at Best Buy for $20. Lots of extras, and it's cheap for what you get. Two commentary tracks, people.

Site Additions

Toy Archive: The Simpsons Archive has been updated with Nelson. Otto, Wave 4, boxed ToyFare Radioactive Homer, and more playsets comin' soon!

-- AP

 June 28 2001

TransFormers: New US Releases

Trilogo?: Quite possibly. Four packaged Hasbro samples from their upcoming "Robots In Disguise" line (the US version of "Car Robots") were placed on eBay. So far, Megatron (repackaged Gigatron) and three two-packs of small cars which are roughly the same size as Hot Wheels cars.

Like Planet of the Apes and the recent Jurassic Park III releases, the toys online are in packaging with more than one language, which seems to be a trend (an unwelcome one) from Hasbro lately.

More tomorrow? You bet.

-- AP

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